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Level 1 - Occupational Health & Safety course

As per Occupational Health & Safety regulations- act act 85 0f 1993

Course Information - Level 1 - Occupational Health & Safety course
COST: R 900
DURATION: 18 hours
ENDORSED BY: Occupational Health and Safety Act
CERTIFIED BY: Department of Labour
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The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that any workplace with more than 10 workers have a trained first aider and first aid kit on the premises during business hours. By law the first aider must have completed a First Aid Course and be in the possession of a valid first aid certificate issued by a person or organisation approved by the chief inspector for this purpose. Our first aid training instructors have trained hundreds of people across all industries and sectors to create safer workplaces.


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OHS - Occupational Health First Aid Level 1,2 & 3 Training Courses


First Aid and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills are essential for everyone in every situation, whether you are at home or the workplace. OHS First Aid enables a trained person to respond to an emergency situation efficiently and effectively. Survival offers a number of occupational first aid levels accredited by SETA and certified by the Department of Labour OHS Act. These emergency training courses for the workplace include:


Occupational First Aid Level 1 Training Courses


Occupational First Aid Level 1 Training Course complies with all the basic requirements of the OHS Act as set out by the standards and guidelines of the Department of Labour. The Occupational First Aid Level 1 Training Courses are designed to promote management of everyday first aid emergencies in the workplace. The occupational First Aid Level 1 Training Course is a combination of basic life support theory and practice as well as basic principles of wound care such as wound dressing and splint skills.  


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This course is suitable for lay rescuers and includes:

·        Organisation and action of an emergency scene

·        Emergency Access

·        Moving the injured victim

·        CPR

·        Choking

·        First Aid

Course Schedule
CODE: 26th and 27th (both days Compulsory) DATE: 26 Aug 2017 VENUE: Scuba World book
CODE: 14th and 15th Compulsory DATE: 14 Oct 2017 VENUE: Scuba world . book