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Family First Aid Kit

Size: 300 x 300 x 100

  • Contents

    2 x large burnshields
    2 x small burnshields
    1 x bottle burnshield hydrgel
    1 x one way valve
    1 x one pair gloves
    2 x Rehydrate sachets
    5 x Sterile water ampules
    2 x 10ml syringes
    1 x Bactroban ointment
    1 x antihistamine cream
    1 x tub cetrimide cream ( anti bacterial)
    1 x Panado syrup
    1 x box of Paracetamol Tablets
    1 x sachet of Glucogel
    1 x box of Enos
    1 x high quality; hard wearing scissors
    1 x tweezers
    1 x packet of diff sizes of safety pins
    1 x thermometer
    2 x eye pads
    4 x arm immobilizors
    5 x packets of gauze
    5 x first aid bandages (various sizes)
    3 x crepe bandages ( various sizes)
    1 x roll elastoplast
    20 x plasters

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Full list of contents and directions included with kit.

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Outdoor Adventure Kit

Size: 155 X 700 X 115

  • Contents

    Arm Immobilisor
    Sterile water ampules
    Safety pins
    Emergency blanket
    One way valve

Full list of contents and directions included with kit.

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