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13 JUL 2011

Sr. Catherine Rodwell has been sharing her experience and expertise with the couples who attend my classes for a number of years. The feedback I have had from these couples has always been excellent. Her experience as a trauma nurse, CPR and First Aid instructor and most importantly as a mother, makes her superbly qualified to teach childbearing and child rearing families. I wholeheartedly recommend her courses and I know that the parents and carers who attend her courses will have received outstanding information, training and value for money.

Tina Otte - Internationally Certified Childbirth educator (ICCE)

15 SEP 2011

Hi Catherine,

I had this mail from a friend who attended the first aid course we held in Randjesfontein last year. Just thought you'd like to know that your course has saved another life.

"The main drama was when I visited my cousins in Nottinghamshire. My cousin John is 10 years older than me but is very fit and healthy. In the middle of the Friday night his wife Christine comes thundering into my bedroom and says, “Hilly, Hilly come quickly, there’s something the matter with John”.

I go through and he is lying on the bed making the most horrendous groans and gasps. Then the first aid training we did just kicked in. I shook him. No response. Then I climbed on the bed and started CPR. Meanwhile Christine was on the phone to 999 and marching up and down wailing. After a minute I said that we should get him on the floor as the mattress was not the best place for chest compressions. We pulled an arm and a leg each and he thudded onto the floor. Now I was getting annoyed as every time I tilted his head back for the airway, it lolled forward again. I’m thinking “The dummy didn’t do this!” So in the end I just kept on with the chest compressions. Soon the ribs began to ‘ping’, and I’m thinking “oops”. Eventually the paramedics arrived and shocked him and took him off the hospital. I can remember that doing 30 chest compressions on the dummy would leave me exhausted but I must have been doing them for 20 minutes on John and didn’t feel at all fatigued. Only the next day were all my abs sore from the exertion.

John had lots of tests and the doctors have come to the conclusion that He has Brugada Syndrome which is a genetic defect that causes the heart to stop suddenly without warning. As it is genetic, I should now go be tested to see if I am at risk. John will have a pacemaker/defibrillator fitted and he should be OK.

The whole family says that if I had not been there John would probably not have made it. I do not feel at all the hero, as I just went on to autopilot. But just a big thank you to you for arranging and inviting me to the first aid course."

I also know that another friend has used the CPR you taught us and saved a stranger who collapsed in front of him in the airport earlier this year!

Thelma Fox

16 OCT 2011

Dear Catherine,

I cannot thank you enough for all the life saving knowledge you shared with me on the First Aid Course. Your patience, your thoroughness and your care were invaluable. I feel so much more confident about having to deal with any first aid emergency that may come my way. Having a 9 month old, the baby and child CPR was of special interest to me and because you gave us ample time to practise on the CPR dummies many mistakes I could have made in a real situation were immediately corrected by you in the class.

I am extremely grateful to you and your course. You have changed my life. Thanks to you I now have a fully stocked First Aid kit at the ready that contains all the necessary items you suggested for any eventuality, emergency numbers and Medical Aid details clearly placed on the fridge and a home that has been carefully child proofed.

Thank you again

Hayley Lampacher


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