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We would like to introduce our trainers to you with this section, please feel free to browse through this section where our trainers give you a little bit more about themselves and the courses they offer at Survival.

Viewing the picture, we have Sr. Annette far left, Sr. Donna left, Sr. Lyndsay right and Sr. Catherine far right.

If you have any questions please send us an email at catherine@survivalcpr.co.za or click here to get more details on how to contact us.

Trainer Catherine Rodwell

Sr Catherine Rodwell is a qualified nursing sister including the following areas of speciality:

  • Midwifery
  • Community
  • Psychiatry
  • General

Her work experience includes, inter alia, the following:

  • Trauma
    • Jhb General Hospital casualty
    • Sunninghill Hospital casualty
    • Netair medical air rescue
    • Road accident medical assistance
  • ICU
    • Sunninghill Hospital trauma ICU
    • Sunninghill Hospital paediatric cardio thoracic ICU (Walter Sisulu unit)
    • Sunninghill Hospital neo-natal ICU

During the above work experience she witnessed many tragedies, some fatal, which could easily have been avoided had the 1st person on scene known what to do. With this in mind, Catherine started Survival with the intention of training the public what to do in an emergency. 10 years later, the business has many success stories to relate. Catherine is truly passionate about her training, she has witnessed the results.

Trainer Tarryn Erlank

Tarryn Erlank is a newly qualified Emergency Care Practitioner from the University of Johannesburg. She obtained her degree in Emergency Medical Care as she felt it was truly a calling to help people. Not only is she passionate about treating her patients but also feels strongly about educating the community on how to save the lives of those around them.

During her practical shifts, Tarryn witnessed many incidents where the initiation of life saving skills by family members or those first on scene, have helped together with her as the paramedic, save the life of a loved one.

Tarryn feels that lives are extremely precious and together, the community and the paramedics can make a difference when these emergencies occur.

Trainer Belinda Yumi Lo

Sr. Belinda Yumi Lo is a Neonatal ICU sister who has her BCur degree from Stellenbosch University. She has worked in PICU, NICU as well as casualty. She enjoys working with babies as they are amazingly resilient and getting to see them grow up is a real priviledge.

Her son is nearly 10 months old and she is very aware of the importance of being able to do CPR and first aid especially on babies and children. She has recently joined Survival so that she can help share the knowledge and increase awareness in our communities.

Trainer Annette Groenewald

Sr. Annette Groenewald is an ICU Nursing sister with extensive experience in working with patients undergoing heart surgery. The patients she has looked after were both babies and adults. The last few years she has mostly worked in Neonatal ICU.

Annette teaches Life saving courses for Survival CPR, and also works part time for International SOS where she assists in transporting patients, both adults and babies via air ambulance. I have first hand experience with death and dying, as well as with the miracle of saving a life because of skills learned.

"I cannot emphasise enough the importance of Basic life support. It is vital that each and everybody be able to learn the basic skills needed to save a life."

Annette is a very blessed Mommy, who has recently had a little girl, after years of waiting and many tears. She is also busy studying counselling psychology.

My husband, domestic worker and mother has been to the Survival course, and they are now in the clear to look after my Anika.

Trainer Donna Clark

Sr. Donna Clark is a highly trained ICU Nursing Sister. She qualified as a Nursing sister in 1993 and then went on to complete her specialisation in ICU at RAU in 2003.

She completed the Peadiatric Cardiothoracic specialisation in 2006. She presently works in the Cardio Thoracic ICU at Sunninghill Hospital and looks after babies; adults and children who have undergone heart surgery. This is an incredibly demanding and stressful environment that demands highly skilled staff.

She has been working with Survival CPR since 2012 and is passionate aboout teaching CPR and first aid as she is well aware how the skills that she teaches can save the lives of loved ones.

She is a wonderful mom to two amazing girls.